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Teaching to International Audiences

Teaching to Domestic Audiences

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Augmented Reality Sandbox

Outside the classroom

EC Environmental Club's Augmented Reality Sandbox

In September of 2021 the Elmira College Environmental Club got together to create an Augmented Reality Sandbox (pictured left). It will be a great teaching tool for college and school age students who want to learn more about topography and water movement!

 EC Environmental Science in the news

My goal as a teacher is to encourage and inspire students to ask questions and be curious. I seek out any opportunity to inspire students of all levels.

Currently, I teach Introduction to Environmental Science, Earth's Climate, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Geology, Oceanography, and Environmental Hydrology. 


Shown here are some examples of the teaching and outreach I have done with school-aged children with The PAST Foundation, Metro Middle School, and I Know I Can.

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